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You know sometimes I have to just jot some words down on a piece of paper.
Sometimes those words even make sense.
And most times I have no plan or place for these so called poems.
They are allegedly poems.
At least that is what I call them.
Which is what this blog is for.
All those poems and words that I just have no real place for.
Kind of like recycling with words.
If you like this blog then you will probably like my books.
If you don’t like this blog, then you clearly have a no taste in poetry.
I mean, nothing personal, but I like my writing.
I am not saying it is you.
But I don’t think it’s me.

In all seriousness I do my best to post original content three to five times a week.
Normally featuring a kind of poetic style.
You can subscribe to my weekly newsletter on my official website if you would like to receive all the content from my blogs from the past week.

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