The War You Can’t See

There is a war going on.
It will not be advertised on the radio, or discussed on TV.
There will be no rallying cries of the troops.
Nor campaigns for help from the people.
This is a new war.
It contains no guns, or weapons.
There are no dead from this conflict.
Only those that are controlled.
The war is for your mind.
Information is the most powerful thing that any man can control in today’s world.
Not land, or even money is as strong.
For we have run out of land to discover and money can only buy so much.
Only information can truly sway people.
The facts, stats, sheets, articles, lists, paragraphs, essays, blogs, magazines, videos, photos, newspapers, words, websites, charts, graphs, and numbers, we all consume in order to form our view of the world.
There are those out there who want to control what you think.
How you think.
And even why you think.
They tell you what they want you to think of the world.
They do not ask for your opinion, nor care for it.
They want your mind and they are doing everything they can to get it.
Who is the enemy?
Where are they hiding?
And most importantly, how do we kill them?
Look around.
They are everywhere information is spred recklessly.
Information that gives you an idea on this world rather than that of truth.
They control the conversations that we have, what we listen to, what we read, and what we watch.
For we base those things on the information that they gave us.
Some of you do not even realize that you are apart of the enemy.
You are helping to sprad the lies that they wish for all of us to believe.
That photo you shared.
That book you read.
That website you visited.
They want you to do that so that is on your mind, that is the topic of discussion.
And the worst part;
Nobody will ever say that there is a war going on.
Because according to the people giving us the information, there isn’t.

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