Find Them

Find those who search for truth in this world.
Who are not afraid to ask questions.
Who do not let money or violence control them.
They seek answers of life, regardless if those answers are good or bad.
Regardless if what they seek is something they desire.
Never do they accept whatever the world tells them.
They do not follow the rules given to them.
But ask of the rules;
Why is this a rule?
Is there no better rule?
Who came up with this rule?
Should I listen to this rule?

Money means nothing to this person since they value the truth more than any dollar amount.
They do not chase the dollar, nor do they regret having little of it.
Violence is not a option for this person also, since it gets in the way of their search for truth.
You can’t question a dead man, so instead of killing their enemies, they ask for reasoning from them.
Find these people.
Where are they?
I don’t know where they are, what they do, what language they speak, or what they look like.
I can’t tell you their profession of how much they make.
For I truly don’t know.
But you must, no matter how much you are told of them,
Or how little you are told of them.
Whether they are called truthseekers or liars.
Whether they are in public or hiding behind a curtain.
Find them, and learn from them.
It may be the only way you ever get any answers you have of life.

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