Why So Much Money?

You ask why is so much money put into that area of our country.
What purpose does it serve to have such a large amount into one field?
Are there not hungry citizens who need food?
Do the roads not need to be fixed?
So why?
Why on Earth are we spending so much on our own defense?
It makes no sense!
There is a reason for that decision, despite your frustrations with more seemingly relevant matters.
No. It is not because the politicians are heartless heathens who care not of their people.
Nor are they indifferent fools who are not aware of the suffering in their land.
They are trying to be prepared.
For what? You ask.
I see no enemy at the gates.
I see no barbarians ready to invade.
I know not of this threat that you speak of.
The threat is the world.
What happens if they all turn against us?
If our enemies team up and our allies leave us.
Even some of our own sell us out to the other side.
What happens when all the cards are against us?
When our success is not part of the world’s plan?
When the world has had enough of us and decides it is best that we leave.
What do we do then?
The leaders of this country know a harsh truth, that fateful day may happen.
And if it does we will have the firepower to win, to keep the freedom that we all hold so close to our hearts.
Yes, there are problems in this nation that we all see.
The poor education of our youth is corrupting the creative minds and creating robots rather than humans.
The unchecked gun distribution leads to criminals of this nation having more weapons than the honest hard-working citizens.
These are to be addressed, as well as many other issues that we face.
We would not turn our eye on them.
But let us not forget the problem that we don’t see.
The worst case scenario that none of us want to even imagine.
If everything goes wrong, if all else fails, if there is nowhere to go, will we be ready?

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