Say Something

If you say something, but nobody hears it,
Did you say anything?
Were those words ever uttered if no one but yourself know of them?
And what of memories?
If you remember something from your past, but nobody else does,
Did you do it?
Or do you think you did?
What if a man speaks but no one hears him talk,
Then when he is asked what he did while on this Earth, he will say that he communicated with others.
But no one ever remembers words from his mouth.
Did this man never truly speak?
Did no one ever listen to him?
Did he make up the memory of his speech?
Or did others forget his words?
What does a man have to do to be noticed?
To be remembered by the world?
So that when Death comes to his door with a special delivery,
That man is okay in knowing that the world knew he existed.
He was here.
He made a difference.
Somehow, some way, even though he can’t quite truly explain it,
His life was not a waste.
It had purpose.
There are those whose lives he helped.
Those whose lives he ruined.
And those whose lives he avoided.
Is that no why we all speak?
To be heard.
No one wants to speak to an empty room.
We create memories of our lives, so we ourselves are convinced we matter.
There were good days on this Earth because you were here.
There were some bad ones too, unfortunately, but you accept them as well.
Since they are apart of you.
What of life though?
Why do we live?
Do we live to die?
Do we live because that is what science deems necessary when temptation gets too close for too long.
Lust is that of a hot pan surrounded by fire, if you put something on it that you enjoy, you may get something out of it.
Beware if you step into that fire for you may start creation of a new organism, which may bring on an excitement you weren’t truly looking for.
You thought your life was confusing before, just wait til you hear that there is someone in this world that was made from you.

We all do not know why we live, but we want others in this world to know that we did.

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