The Catch To All Of This

I write these words so that somewhere, someone can be touched by them in one way or another.
So that they can affect you.
Yes, you.
The man who is reading this.
The woman who is reading this.
I’d go further into details of those two, but the position of a reader changes with time.
If you would have said fifty years ago, all writers would be given a platform, no one would have believed you.
I am naive to think that you and your fellow readers will not change. (thus making my current descriptions obsolete)
But there is one thing that won’t change.
The audience loving things that they don’t understand.
My story talks of anxiety, but you have never been anxious, yet you can relate.
My character talks of drugs, but you have never taken some, yet you can relate.
My setting is a haunted house, but you have never been to one, yet you can relate.
Readers search for a way to find some sort of feeling through these words.
Whether it be anger, or sadness, or joy.
I do not know if you truly understand your attachment to certain works.
You are allowing your feelings to affect how you view a certain piece.
So you disregard the strangeness involved in the story, or the immoral acts committed by the character, because that art makes you feel something.
Even though you can’t really relate to it.

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