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History Owes You Nothing

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You really are an arrogant son of a gun.
You actually believe that history should remember you and your life.
That you have a story.
That your name should be talked about from years to come.
That others should learn of you.
Where did anyone every say that was guaranteed?
Is there a guideline to life that I haven’t read?
The thing is, whether you want to hear this or not, history owes you nothing.
You can be forgotten by time, never discussed or even written about.
No one can automatically claim what history will say of them.
There have been others better than you.
There have been others worse than you.
There have been others just like you.
And guess who got the last say on their impact on the world?
On what is taught of them,
On their legacy,
History, not them.
History can make you a king, or a peasant, a hero or a villain, a winner or a loser, or history can decide to forget you altogether.
And there is nothing you can do about it.

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Theodore Ficklestein is a blogger, author and writer whose blog post you may have just read. He has written three poetry books and has a upcoming novel being released in 2017. You support his work by becoming a patron on his Patreon page.

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