Words Don’t Matter

So you know alot of words?
Good for you.
Here is a pat on the back.
So what, you can spell alot of words correctly?
There are plenty of people that can spell words, but how many can understand them?
Because I don’t think you know how to actually use that word in a sentence.
And don’t repeat the sentence that was just read.
I will give you a break and give you the country of origin.
Damn. I had a joke about a pun, but I forgot it.
Anyway, I hate that you pretend to know words just by spelling them.
Letters are not the only thing that makes a word a word.
It’s like being able to identify parts to a car, but not be able to drive it.
What’s the big deal?
Ah, who am I kidding?
I am pissed that I am a professional writer, yet I don’t know the words that a kid can spell.

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