Explain Yourself

One day you will have to explain yourself.
Explain your acts.
And just why you put such that has become your lifestyle in front of others.
Why did you buy a house you will not use as others are homeless?
Why did you buy clothes you will not wear as others are clothesless?
Why did you buy cars you will not use as others can’t drive?
Why did you do such things?
Did you feel justified in your selfishness?
You earned it, so you can spend it any way you want.
Are you oblivious to the destruction of the outside world?
Maybe you just don’t know about those who the world has turned down.
You never met a homeless or a clothesless.
So you feel excused in your ignorance.
Regardless of the cause, the fact remains the same.
As others in this world suffered, you decided to put your resources towards actions that did not help them.
Your gains, your enjoyment was more important than their pain.
Remember that.
One day you’ll have to answer to the lifestyle you chose to live.
For your sake, I hope you gave more than you took.

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