Lady Gaga Is A Demon?

If you are like me, then you have asked yourself questions about this man.
This man that everyone knows.
Some even worship him.
He goes by the name of Jesus Christ.
What was his deal?
You stop and ponder during your latte and binge watching of television shows.
Sure those needs are fine, but after awhile you find yourself looking around just wondering what is really going here?
Did he really exist?
Was he God?
Just why exactly is this guy so well-known?
So you start at the bottom by looking up about his looks.
Wait, he was white right?
All those pictures you saw of him show a man you are pretty confident would be considered white.
But he lived in Nazareth?
That is closer to the Middle East than it is to where you are.
So he was brown?
Maybe he was black.
You’ve heard that one before.
They whitewashed him after his death.
Which can get you on the manipulation of information in the Middle Ages, but that is for another time.
Wait a minute, when was the last time you ever saw a black Jew?
Aren’t all Jews white?
Well, okay so you don’t know this guy’s skin color, but you at least know his looks.
He had long hair, right?
Like some sort of hippie, where you are left wondering if he didn’t shave it for religious purposes or that he was just too busy.
Where did it ever say Jesus had long hair?
No one in the book that talks of this guy ever says of his hair.
He was a Nazarite, which is why he had the hair.
But that is the same thing.
No one ever close to this guy ever said he was one.
So then what did he look like?
Apparently there is an Indian Jesus.
A Chinese Jesus.
A white Jesus.
A black Jesus.
We have a Jesus for everyday of the week.
Because apparently the guys writing about him never for a second describe his physical characteristics.
You want to know more about this man.
Not because you’re religious.
But because of the hype around him.
Everyone seems to bring him up.
Or at the very least know him and have an opinion on his life.
So you keep searching.
And what happens?
What do you find?
All of a sudden you are learning about the Illuminati, aliens living among us, and how Lady Gaga is a demon.
Damn. That was fast.
You just wanted to know the appearance of the man who has a religion devoted to him.
And to think we haven’t even gotten to his birthday yet.

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