A Reflection

That which is popular is a reflection on us all.
Whether we want it to be or not.
The most popular movie at the box office.
The best-selling book.
The most requested song on the radio.
Whatever we all consume.
That thing is popular for a reason.
And it is not always because of some noble purpose.
We can’t pick and choose why we like some things.
What can and can’t define us.
What is popular defines the society.
Not the unnamed indie film.
Or the book nobody read.
For better and for worse, the most talked about, discussed, viewed, read, listened to, eaten, bought products are what make us who we are.
The issue is of course, we’d rather this not be the case sometimes.
We wish to enjoy the products, but wish they say nothing inappropriate about ourselves.
We all can’t listen to the same song,
Or go so the same restaurant,
Or buy the same clothes.
And not think it is some sort of reflection on our current society.
Why we would or wouldn’t want to acknowledge that very reflection is another question altogether.

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