God Exists?

You ever notice that we never ask if The Devil exists?
It’s always does God exist?
And if so who created God?
Why don’t we talk about the bad guy existing first?
Before God, The Devil created everything then God rebelled and tried to conquer.
It makes no sense.
The Devil isn’t The Devil if he came first.
That origin is never thought of.
It is never an option.
God came first.
We all know that.
Ever if you don’t agree with it, you’d never say that The Devil came before God.
So if God’s greatest enemy is evil?
Does that make God good?
Can God and The Devil both be bad?
How does that work?
And what if The Devil is good and God is bad?
But if that was the case then God would not be God.
He’d be The Devil.
There are characteristics each hold that defines them.
And God being against the most dangerous villain ever would make him by default, good.

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