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Don’t Be A Writer

writer this blog needs poetry

Do yourself a favor.
Don’t become a writer.
It’s not worth it.
It really isn’t.
Writing is not fun.
It’s actually quite lonely.
You sit in an empty room and make stuff up with whatever information you know.
You don’t get awarded for writing either.
Don’t expect a lot of money for those great words of yours.
The best you can hope for is some fame.
But don’t fall into the trap that most writers fall into.
We all foolishly think we can be Shakespeare.
But dude, that’s not happening.
No one is reading your stupid verses.
That story you wrote actually sucks.
No one cares about that book that took you years to write.
But I wanted to tell you this now before you waste years of your life trying to be a writer.
Don’t do it.
It really isn’t worth it.

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About Theodore Ficklestein (53 Articles)
Theodore Ficklestein is a blogger, author and writer whose blog post you may have just read. He has written three poetry books and has a upcoming novel being released in 2017. You support his work by becoming a patron on his Patreon page.

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