Don’t Know

What if you really don’t know?
You ever think about that?
What if you really are too stupid to understand life?
That no matter how much you try there are some things that you won’t get and never will.
There is no test.
No philosophical purpose to any of this.
You won’t be told at a later date of your mistakes.
It’s just that you are incapable of seeing the universe on such a level.
It’s terrifying to think about, isn’t it?
Can you even grasp such a concept as a concept that is too much for you too grasp?
Even these words do nothing to further your understanding.
Do they help you with learning what is too much for you to learn?
No. They don’t.
Instead they prove the very limits that we are trying to break.
What if that is the case?
Wow. That is not something I’d like to think too much about.

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