Envy Myself

I envy myself
Why, you ask?
How could a man envy himself?
I am going on the fact that there is another version of me in another dimension living a different life than the one I know.
And that version is happy.
That version of me has found comfort in his life.
Because that version has you.
See, that me, took the right path to happiness because I, or him, stayed with you.
The me now…
Please let’s not talk about him.
I gave you this poem because I wish I was the other me.
The me who did not go over words all the time.
Who did not know depression.
Who knows nothing of creativity.
For I gave up the pen a long time ago to spend that time with you.
This blog, my books, all my words.
The other me does not even know of literature and poetry.
He never had a reason to start this form of self-expression as a way to cope with aspects of his life.
What for?
For he found happiness that I could never find.
Because that me is with you.

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