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Fair Man

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You are but a fair man.
One of noble traits.
Who tries to bring down the sword when possible.
Does not shoot at innocents.
For this, you should not be applauded.
Not honored, or revered.
All men should show this trait.
Shame to any who do not know it.
You seek only good for this world.
Only what is right.
And that is your error.
Never do you see an error or a mistake.
When you swing your sword, it is with purpose.
A calculated precision for the cause.
You never meant to shoot the innocent people.
It just happened.
Where is your responsibility?
Where is you honor?
Know that all look good when they are winning, but the true test is when the fight is lost.
You tell me that you are but a fair man.
But so is everyone else.

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About Theodore Ficklestein (53 Articles)
Theodore Ficklestein is a blogger, author and writer whose blog post you may have just read. He has written three poetry books and has a upcoming novel being released in 2017. You support his work by becoming a patron on his Patreon page.

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