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Don’t Even Care

i dont care this blog needs poetry

I just got published.
And I don’t even care.
I have no urge to tell my family or friends of this feat.
I am not excited or encouraged by my accomplishment.
Nor to write a promotional post about it telling all to check out my work.
As I went through the magazine, I read the work that was mine without feeling.
I wasn’t happy that I did something in the literature field.
Rather I just put the magazine aside for no one to know about.
All the submissions.
All the errors and corrections.
I finally reached my goal.
So why do I feel as if nothing was done?

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About Theodore Ficklestein (53 Articles)
Theodore Ficklestein is a blogger, author and writer whose blog post you may have just read. He has written three poetry books and has a upcoming novel being released in 2017. You support his work by becoming a patron on his Patreon page.

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