It’s interesting, isn’t it?
Life, I mean.
You ever just look around and ask yourself, “What is the point?”
Is there a point?
What if there is no point to any of this?
All of this is just here.
It is not to be analyzed or interpreted or read.
You come into this world and then you die.
There is no drama.
No tragedy.
No comedy.
I mean, what if my words really mean nothing?
They really are for me and no one else?
Not because I am righteous in my writing.
But becuase that is how it is.
I am not saying that I have the answers.
God know that is far from the truth.
I am merely asking a question about life that we all seem to ask.
Life; you can live your whole life not even knowing why are are living in the first place.
I sure hope life is laughing at the irony with that, because I’m not.


meaning this blog needs poetry

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