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Price Of A Suit

suit this blog needs poetry

I am not even going to go on a rant about how there is something wrong with this.
Not the fit.
It fits fine.
I mean, the fact that I am paying so much to look good.
Is this wrong?
Is this act some sort of selfishness on my part?
Shall I blame the bride for this over the top spending?
Or is my love for her enough justification for this suit at this price?
Look, I am not even going to go there right now.
I had a long day at work.
I am starving.
It isn’t worth it.
All I know is that when I think about why am I here.
What is the meaning of life?
Wearing an overpriced suit to increase your attraction level is not high on my list.
Having said that;
How do I look?

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