My Winning Numbers Are…

Look, I know money can’y buy happiness.
There is no truth or love in the obtainment of money.
If I am to be happy in this world , I have to find peace within myself, and then love with others.
Money is not important.
In fact, some say it is the opposite of happiness.
It is the root of all evil.
I know that.
But let’s face it.
I will never have a chance to make alot of money in this life.
I won’t invent anything.
Plus, my writing is probably going nowhere.
I have just built this illusion that I believe there is money in these words.
There probably isn’t.
To be frank, I am too stupid to have a career that pays well.
So yeah.
I know that this money isn’t the key to living a fulfilling life.
This ticket won’t cure any pain I have.
I am still going to have to live with myself after gaining fortune.
But what is the worst that can happen?
I don’t win?
I don’t have any money to begin with.
What am I really losing?

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