The Problem With Politicians


The problem I have with politicians is not their policies.
Not their political party.
Or their campaign slogan.
But to who they are as a person.
They are only politicians.
Nothing else.
Our country was not founded by politicians.
But by lawyers, writers and inventors who used politics as a spectrum to change the world.
Politics was not their lives.
They devoted their time to helping their fellow man.
Politics was just one way they went about doing that.
Those men were as comfortable being a doctor or mathematician as they were being a politician.
The men who founded this country did not ask for votes.
They did not ask for the people’s support.
The only asked one question;
How can I help this nation?
Whether through politics or not.
Politicians today do not pose such a question.
Instead they have put their political view above all else.
If these people were not politicians today, would I be impressed by their accomplishments?
I give my vote to the talented individual who knows of other areas of life, besides politics.
A person that resembles the Founding Fathers.
Math, history, science, politics.
It doesn’t matter.
That person is trying to help all of us.
They do not put much value into being a politician.
We as a nation should not vote for a politician to run the our nation.
But those who ask themselves the same question the Founding Fathers asked when they started this nation.


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