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Everyone is a poet all of a sudden.
Everyone has the audacity to think that they are a great wordsmith without any real credibility to back it.
You have a few insightful thoughts and all of a sudden you’re Buddha.
People should start going to you for advice.
A few witty ideas.
Maybe a great rhyme.
And now you are Frost.
You make one song.
One poem.
One video.
And now you are an all time great.
Everyone is capable of writing this.
Probably even better.
I keep forgetting.
We are all great writers.
We are all so creative.
Anybody can be a poet.
Since we have such low standards for it.

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About Theodore Ficklestein (53 Articles)
Theodore Ficklestein is a blogger, author and writer whose blog post you may have just read. He has written three poetry books and has a upcoming novel being released in 2017. You support his work by becoming a patron on his Patreon page.

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